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This project was the first substantial project we've done. With only five of us, it took about two weeks to demo the existing house. With the house already framed, It was time to clean up the debris scattered around the property. Following the clean-up, we began working on the property's mechanicals , which included: plumbing, HVAC, and electricity. With our hard work and dedication, we were able to accomplish the result in a timely fashion.   
This Project is located in Brentwood, between Encino and Bel Air.


For this bathroom remodel, we used tile from our favorite  previous projects we’ve done. It took around two weeks to finish remodeling with everything done right, and everything brand new. There are two questions I ask all bathroom remodel clients: “What are your thoughts on color combinations?” and  “What are your thoughts on tile sizes?” If you have the answers to these questions,  we will be smooth sailing.


This pool existed in that house, but we gave it a new look. We did the concrete coping and designed the backyard. Additionally, we built  the deck. We transformed the white retaining wall by digging and moving the wall backs, giving more space for kids to play. We built the barbecue featuring natural gas, and a power source.  


Originally, this was a one-story house. We worked with an architect from Denmark known for  Scandinavian design, and turned it into two stories. The second story included the master bedroom, an extra room for an  office, and  a terrace.  We took the form of the slab, and built a fresh design on top.


For residential contracting, the planning process is so important. So, before we start, I'll ask you: 

“What ideas do you have so far? 

If you're building a new house, what do you want to build? 

If you have plans, what kind of design do you want? 

If you don't have plans I can help you get the right plans, designed by the right architect or engineer. Just give me your ideas, and I’ll give you my ideas, if you like then, we can work with that.


We’re ready to bring your vision to life. 

To get started, tell us more about what you’re looking for.

Thanks for submitting!

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